Meet Richard.

Adventurous, easy going, kind and cheerful, who he is with a camera is who he is without a camera. A little bit of time with Richard and you'll understand that he loves what he does. His focussed work with editorial, lifestyle, luxury and landscape has led him to travel to many places across the globe, giving him a heart of gratitude for what he does.

From initial strategy to developmental products, his aim is the same - to create work that gives life to and serves his clients products, bolsters their brands, and enhances their memories and the experience of their customers. To quote a dear friend of ours, "The value of these relationships regularly turn first-time clients into repeat clients and repeat clients into friends."

From humble


Richard's first job out of college was one of divine ordinance where he was given the opportunity to prove himself in an area he knew nothing about, leading him down the path of photography and cinematography where he has been developing those skills ever since. Through many ups and downs in his career - from making six figures to delivering mattresses - Richard has been given the opportunity to develop this skill you see here. His desire to use them for the benefit of others while enjoying the very thing he has so much passion for in life is why he aims to grow his skill.

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

Editorial: The way your stories are told to the world.

Lifestyle: The exceptional aspects of your products.

Luxury: What the world feels like when you relax.

Landscape: What the world looks like when you exhale.

Aerial: The awe-inspiring world from above.

Serve your customers. Bolster your brand. Enhance your memories.

Richard Van De Water wields a decade of experience in image creation to accomplish your business and lifestyle goals.

01. Connect

Richard's initial intent is to make sure that you know his desire to know you as a potential client.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

After an initial meeting comes the fun part. Here you will work with Richard to develop your vision while using his expertise to finalize the end goal and a satisfactory product.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

Final step - let's make it happen and have fun doing it!

Bring it to life